As a vegetarian I shot my first deer.

Before I start, please remember we all make mistakes in our lives.  I was a vegetarian and a card carrying member of PETA for ten years.  My wife was pregnant with our first child and like many new parents we were planning out this little ones future including what she would eat the rest of her life.  "I'm not raising this kid vegetarian," said the wife, who wouldn't even consider eating a salad without bacon on it.

Around this same time a good friend whom taught me archery was telling me the ultimate archery challenge was to successfully take down a whitetail.  Still a card carrying member of PETA at the time, I couldn't do it.  Shortly after that my workload had lightened up drastically and I had time to read some of my buddies hunting magazines and started listening to his stories.

But when my buddy said it took him 3 years to shoot his first deer, I knew I could beat him.  Call it pride or male stupidity, all I knew was capably of doing this better than him.  He helped me scout all summer long, lent me a climbing stand, and was more than willing to offer his help (and laugh at my ignorance).

Third day of archery season, he dropped me off at my spot and drove down the road to his spot.  I got in my stand and settled down faster than the previous two days.  I was ready.  Just as the sun was setting, 5 bucks walked in from my left.  As soon as I saw movement my eyes locked onto once shoulder blade as he walked 20 yards in front of me and turned broadside.

I shot a small 6 point.  

I watched him mule kick and run towards the nearby river.  I sat back down and tried waiting the couple hours like the book says.  5 minutes later I climbed down, retrieved my blood covered arrow, and walked towards wear my friend was going to pick me up.

A short bit latter he pulled up and opened the passenger door from the inside and said, "Hop in."  Without the hint of a smile I asked, "we gonna go get my deer first?"

"B@#*S%&."  All I did was lift up the arrow.  His eyes got wide and before he could say anything i was telling him every little detail.

So we grabbed our flashlights and headed into the woods.  Found the blood trail and started tracking.  My friend was ahead of me because he didn't want me to screw up, I mean he was teaching.  Just than he said we should switch and I could continue.  We did, I took one more step and there he was.

This little guy is hanging by the cash register at the range.  My not look like a trophy and I get comments from time to time about the size of the rack, or wasting my money for getting that mounted.  I've shot bigger bucks and black bear, landed some huge steelhead and a couple natural brownies, that small 6 point is the biggest trophy I have.  I still have the picture of me crouched behind it holding my PETA membership card.