My interaction with police

Let me first say I've had more interaction with police officers from New Jersey to Indiana than I will ever admit to you in person.  I am not the biggest "fan" of modern law enforcement.  With that being said and all the news stories about cops lately, I feel its important to tell a about one particular run in I had with a small municipality in Lake county who's officers generally have a poor reputation. 

The story starts with me running out of gas on 90.  I was driving a 1994 Ranger with power nothing in it, both windows rolled up, and doors locked.  Looking intently in the rearview for my wife's vehicle to bring me some gas so I can rush the rest of the way to work, i see red and blue flashing lights.  My heart started to race.  I was open carrying a S&W pistol.  When the cop got out he walked to the back of my truck, looked at the license plate, and walked up the passenger side. 

My first thought, theres no power windows, no power locks to unlock the door, I had a couple firearms in the car, I was coming to terms with the fact that everything was going to be ok when he knocked on the window.  Having both hand on the steering wheel and not wanting to move them, I just looked at the passenger door hoping that the window as magically down or the door was somehow wasn't and he knocked again. 

I simple pointed to the door handle, he nodded to say, "OK."  I just pulled the door handle enough to open the door and put my hand back on the steering wheel.  as he opened the door he asked if I was having car trouble.  Before the whole sentence was out of his mouth I recited, "Sir, I am a concealed carry permit holder and I have a firearm on my right hip."  He simple replied, "I can see that.  Car trouble?" 

After explaining I was a complete donkey for running out of gas and making my pregnant wife wake up are 5 children to bring my gas, the cop asked what I was carrying.  After discussing the S&W 1911 for a few minutes I heard him click his flashlight on.  When I looked at him he was pointing the flashlight at the floor on the passenger side and asked, "What did you say you were carrying?"  The flashlight was lighting up the grey Ruger box that was home to my Mark III.  I said, "that's just a 22.  I have a league I shoot in after work today." 

He only asked, "is there anything else in the car I should know about?"  After the must uncomfortable silent second, I said, "I have a AK47 behind the seat that I'm taking to work to put a new barrel on."  I was finished.  Wait, "I dont have any ammo or mags in the truck for it."  He simple asked again, "is there anything else in the car I should know about?"  After I replied no, he said he was going to wait in his cruiser for my gas to arrive.  As soon as the door closed I immediately called my wife to find out where she was. 

After my wife showed with a five gallon gas can, I quickly started to fill my tank.  If you ever tried to fill a car with one of those gas cans, they take forever.  This gas can knew I was open carrying and that my firearm was facing the cop, so it took even longer.  This officer got out of his car, stood in the right hand lane of the an interstate highway with on coming traffic and was waving people over to the left lanes with his flashlight while I fueled up.  My only thought was, he's protecting me.  That moment took an eternity.   

After I was sure I got a couple gallons of gas in the tank I threw the can in the back of the truck and jumped in to start it up.  Guess what?  It was dead.  The hazards being left on drained the battery and the truck was still 100% useless.  I walked to my wife's van to ask, but I knew she didn't have any jumper cables.  I slowly walked back to the truck and just sat there.  Once again, Officer do gooder asked if it was dead and if we had cables.  He said that his station has one of the jump packs to jump start cars and that he would be right back. 

Few minutes later, he jumped it, and I was driving away heading to the nearest donut shop. (no donut cop joke, anytime anyone is late at work the unwritten rule is you bring donuts or get made fun off all day...sometimes the next day too.)