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CCW Class

  • 6347 E. Loveland Rd, Madison, OH USA (map)

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This is a basic handgun/pistol class.  This is the class you need to pass in order to obtain your concealed carry license.

There are 1000's of instructors doing versions of this class.  Why take mine?  I started teaching this class in 2007 and really love it.  I enjoy creating a safe, friendly environment for all shooters to learn. 

Anyone that has been through this class will tell you, I love teaching .  From the avid shooter to the absolute beginner, I truly enjoy teaching firearm safety and marksmanship fundamentals.

If you are looking to get your carry license or just learn firearm safety, this class if perfect for you.  Classes generally run $100 per student and run one day on a weekend.  If your interested but cannot get freed up on the weekend, contact me, I have a flexible schedule and have been able to customize classes to anyone's schedule.

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In this class you will learn:

  • Safety
    • Fundamentals Safety rules
    • General Safety rules
    • How to teach small children gun safety
    • Safe gun storage
  • How a pistol works
    • Types of pistol
    • Safties
    • Rifling
    • Bullet or round
  • Pistol marksmanship fundamentals
    • Grip
    • Aiming
    • Breathing
    • Trigger control
    • Follow through
    • as well as other skills
  • How to select a pistol to purchase
  • how to maintain your pistol
  • how/when to practice

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Later Event: June 11
Sunday, June 11th CCW Class