Rifle and pistol range have the same operating procedures and times.


Members only times:

  • Tuesday  9am to 9pm or dark
  • Thursday 9am to 9pm or dark
  • Friday Noon to 7pm or dark
  • Saturday 8am to 7pm or dark*
  • Sunday 8am to 7pm or dark*

*3 lanes will be set aside for members only Saturday and Sunday

Open to Public times:

  • Saturday 8am to 7pm or dark*
  • Sunday 8am to 7pm or dark*




  • Free for members only
  • guests $10/hr for rifle, $10 unlimited time pistol

Open to Public - Rifle

  • 1 shooter $20/hr
  • 2 shooters $30/hr
  • 3 shooters $40/hr   (3 shooter max per lane)

Open to Public - Pistol

  • $10 Per person per day

Maximum of THREE (3) shooters per lane on rifle range.


Everyone, regardless of shooting or not, must check in at the clubhouse.  Your time starts when you leave the clubhouse and ends when you enter the

Target stands will be provided to ensure proper target height.  If you'd like to keep or shoot the stand, cost if $20.  At a minimum, at the top of each hour, there will be a "Cease Fire" called.  After the Range Safety Officer (RSO) determines the range is safe, the shooters will be able to go down range and retrieve or replace targets.  Paper or cardboard targets only.

Target stands will be placed at predetermined appropriate distances (Rifle 100 yards only) (Pistol 7, 15, and 25 yards only).  One target stand per lane.